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There are no upload fees, storage fees, or membership fees. Show My Photos is a partnership between us and you, the photographer.

The only time Show My Photos makes money is when you make money.

Show My Photos allows you to set your own prices, and only charges a small percentage based transaction fee + the credit card fees.

Because you use your lab, you control the production costs, not us… saving you money!

Or if you like, Show My Photos can save you time by handling all the printing and mailing for you.

It is your choice.
Pricing Example  
Sale Price $20.00
Your local sales tax* (15%) $3.00
Shipping & Handling $2.00
Total Sale $25.00
Show My Photos Sales Fees  
Credit Card Processing (2.3%) $0.58
Credit Card Transaction Fee $0.25
Show My Photos Commission (15% of initial sale price) $3.00
Total Transaction Fees $3.83
Total Sale Price $25.00
Sales Tax   - $3.00
Show My Photos Service Fees  - $3.83
You receive a cheque for $18.71
Request print prices
Studio Name:
Phone Number:
Photographer may create custom sizes

*All Sales Taxes are remitted by Show My Photos.

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